Boffer Event: Kill the Dragon

Ian is ready for battle.

Fighting a Goblin ambush on the way to the Ogres' lair.

The heroes face down the Ogres so they can get the other half of the map.

Calin does some tricky ropework to get our heroes across the chasm.

Finding the way through the maze to the Dragon's treasure... er lair.

They found the Dragon! Eric shows no fear as he attacks the tail.

Nikkus charges the Dragon valiantly!

The Dragon breathes fire on Calin.

Calin is back for revenge in the second run of the game as the Dragon's tail.

Chas wields the Sword of the Elements against Dragon v2.

Boffer Event: Castle Siege

Preparing weapons for the big day.

Transporting the weapons to the field.

Your mission should you choose to accept it...

"I only have one arm left!" "So what? I only have one leg left!"

Proving that Darth Maul's weapon is pretty dumb.

Weapons with REACH.

A hit! Or only a gauntlet shot?

Resting at Valhalla between battles.

Other pics

Nikkus attacks! The pool noodles from Toys'R'Us make great lightsaber foam.