The AT-ST was built at my work when I was stuck there rather late at night and happened to have some Construx on-hand. I didn't have access to my full set of Construx during the first part of this project, so several parts of it weren't built as efficiently as they could have been.

The legs of the AT-ST have been sacrificed to build the AT-AT, but as you can see in one of the pictures of the AT-AT, the AT-ST head has been preserved (and even improved upon) and eventually I plan on rebuilding it with better legs.

Once upon a time, the AT-ST stood above my cubicle at work, guarding. The little AT-AT has taken up that position, but he isn't quite as imposing as the 3x as tall AT-ST.

Note that since these pictures were taken at work, there is a listing of Portal Runner levels in the background. It has Forest listed as one level (which it was originally) and Sarge and Leo vs. the Martians, which was a level that was unfortunately dropped from the schedule because the person who was supposed to work on it took too long to finish Atrium. Now, Atrium is practically a work of genius, but that's no excuse when you only even have two levels to finish! I personally had 7 levels to build.