Russell Armor

The Russell Armor is a highly articulated suit of Construx. The wearer can lift the arms outward and forward, as well as bend the elbows more than 90 degrees. The swivel joint for pivoting the arm upward is composed of a new joint we invented just for this purpose. It is very similar to a ball and socket joint. The hinges we made for the elbows and to lift the arms outward are based on the hinges for the Iron Giant's elbows. The Russell Armor got it's name (not suprisingly) because it was being designed for Russell to wear. He has moved to Arizona and thus was unavailable to pose for these photos, thus I ended up posing in it. The armor was a little tight on me, and I needed the assistance of my lovely girlfriend to take pictures and to don it.

The right arm is based on an arm mounted cannon that Stack built.

Sadly, the Russell Armor is being sacrificed to the current project.

When I was taking the photo at the top of the page, Orion decided that I was really trying to take a picture of him.