Hacknet Encyclopedia

Short tabular format
Stuff to interact with
b bat
T troll
basic monsters
B  banshee
This ghosts mornfull whail causes pain to all who hear it.  Walls hamper neither this creature not its cry.
% food
Tasty(?) food. (e)at to restore health, (presuming it's not poisoned or rotten)
+ door
k key
These come in different colors.  Players with matching key can open and close doors.
< stairs or
> ladders
These take you elsewhere, usually a level or 2 above or below.
An inert block that can be pushed around.
Push this and it pushes back.
Stuff that's just there
floors and corridors
Mountains and rough ground
Hack & Slash, and a little magic
[ armor
(W)ear to protect against physical assault
) weapon
) projectile
(w)ield to strike a greater blow
(Q)uiver up and (f)ire
! potion
(q)uaff for various magical effects.  Color is a clue.
/ wand
(z)ap monsters, or your fellow players