The Roller Coaster

This is certainly not the first time I have attempted to do a Roller Coaster out of Construx. It's not a REAL coaster, mostly a Rube Goldbergesque ramp to roll balls down. Originally, I only specced these out to work with tennis balls, but I have found that baseballs work just fine.

I took a trip to Toys'R'Us to snag some tennis balls, and managed to find another 7 sets of the 'Power Claws' Construx set... for $2.10 a box! What a deal. This was recently, too. Today is August 14th, 2001. If you are looking for some Construx, perhaps you might find some tucked away at your local TRU...?

I am particularly proud of the curves in this track. Note the curves near the bottom aren't nearly as graceful as the ones closer to the top. That's because I learned a great new trick for curves which makes the ball roll MUCH smoother... conservation of energy is what Roller Coasters are all about.

Here's the start of the Coaster which Russell and I had completed before we even got home from Toys'R'Us. =D

Someone asked me how I did the curves. Here's a really good closeup on the Helix at the top of the coaster. =D