These are some of my drawins.
Lots of stuff here, I'll try and organize it for you by character:

Jeshua posing for the artiste. Minor things to fix: he's sposed to be digigrade, and wearing a black turtleneck.

Chloe in an early concept.

Chloe in a side view, just the face. Early concept.

Chloe done twice in different styles... still not quite right.

Chloe, a friend of mine on FurryMUCK. Perfection. =) Maybe I should do a colour version? Chloe is a polar bear, by the way. lower bandwidth version

Lorrenna in a bad mood.

Lorrenna in an outfit she stole from Chun Li...

Lorrenna gone anime doing a kick.

Tamra, dancing in a dress she had made for Genevive's wedding. *new*

Tamra, in various angles. *new*

Tamra, in bluejeans and a tee. *new*

Tamra, all comfy with a pillow. I'm trying out new poses. *new*

Tamra, from above, but finished. =) Very nice. *new*

Tamra, kicking back. I'm trying out new poses. *new*

Tamra, the first of several Face studies I did recently.

Tamra again, yet another face study.

Tamra, the third of several Face studies I did.

Tamra making a face at something. Was it something she ate?

Tamra drawn uber-cutely. Prolly my favourite of these... however overly cute it may be.

A color version of reflections at the bottom of the page. A larger version of the same.

Tamra drawn in coloured pencils sitting on the bleachers at West Corner of the Park.

Tamra drawn on a chunk of cardboard I had handy while I was in a boring meeting.

Tamra combing her hair and looking sexy.

Tamra: My VERY first drawing of Tamra. She has evolved alot since then

Something I sketched while I was waiting for the drivers to download for my scanner today. I'll finish it up later.

Tamra just standin there.

Two little drawins of Tamra on one page. One lookin really excited and happy to be alive, the second looking like she missed a train or somethin... =(

Tamra in front of the puter, just like her player.

Tamra and Genevive waiting for Gen's portrait badge to be finished at the Con.

EDG (Excelsis Dei Gloria)
EDGangel waiting for something.

EDG inna spiffy action pose, Matrix style!

Topaz sketches.

Tallanvor: My VERY first drawing of Tallanvor. In pen on a folded sheet of paper. Did this one on my break at work not long after Tallanvor and I met.

Tallanvor times two. Two sketches of Tallanvor I did before I did my final picture for him for xmas.

Tallanvor in a new pose with his staff. I am VERY proud of this one.

Tallanvor lookin 'reallymad'.

Tallanvor in a pensive mood with his flaming bunny. Funny how much that bunny looks like bun-bun of Sluggy Freelance fame.

Vaux and Vidanya
Vaux and Vidanya posing for a picture. Vidanya is wearing her patented MEOW shirt. Meow, indeed!

Vidanya drawn EXTRA large on the computer in a kinda fun style.

Kenlow looking imposing as usual. Kenlow's player didn't like this picture much because I drew the wings differently than he wanted. I think it looks neat.

Kenlow looking ominous. Don't ask me what the mark on his cheek is supposed to be, I just thought it looked neat.

Heather and Crysta
Crysta waking Heather (both in non-anthro form) from deep sleep. Play with me? *sigh*

Heather in her adventuring garb. Got my bag over my shoulder and my tunic, boots and cape. Lets go!

Heather in her adventuring garb, again... =)

Crysta with butterfly wings. On cardboard.

CS in real life, drawn from an old photo I have of her.

CS drawn in pen with a rose.

Deranged looking innocent? Is that a giant rubber mallet in your back pocket or are you just happy to see me?

Delerium ready for combat. Wearing her usual tyedyed dress and sporting some mighty dreadlocks.

Akili in his tie dye. He has his staff and his eight ball...

Tananda in fightin tunic with a distracted look.

Sarnath sketch in red. Just getting a few expressions..

Sarnath again. A slightly better sketch of him in that dress. Looks like someone called him something rude... is that Toast peeking up his dress?

Crystal doing a high kick. Sorry Tallanvor, I drew this in High School, and her name was Crystal. It is a REALLY old character of mine.

Sarai lookin pretty mad. Probably at sumthin Akili did. *new*

Kristil and Pummel. A girl and her Pumice Golem. Kristil is an amulet maker, she animated Pummel, the Pumice Golem with several amulets. Believe it or not, but Pummel only weighs about 90 lbs. =)

Reflections of the soul. A little piece I did the other day. I think maybe I'll redo this one larger and in colour. I had lots of fun drawing it.

Funky creature from a Star Wars game I played in once. That's a vibroaxe. He wanted to eventually upgrade to a sort of lightsaber/axe.

Vixen maiden looking very forlorn. I drew this one at the con on one of the hotel brochures.

A drawing of a bald eagle and some other animals I saw at a animal hospital I went to recently.

Barn owl and a few other animals I saw the hospital.

An Angel with a big sword.