The Iron Giant

Above, we see John by the door with the Giant.

Above, John and I on the porch with our Giant.

Above, John posing with the Giant.
Sitting on our crappy couch. Yeah, we need a new one, I have had that one for… four years now. We will buy a new one when we move into a new place.

Above, the top of the giant, rev A
Right, the top of the giant rev B. Added arms, a new neck assembly and chest assembly, as well as a lot of structure... Also, he is much more flexible and true to the original movie character. The big green things are what we used to make it rotate. All the structure inside of him made him much easier to pick up. =)

The incomplete legs.
The idea to create the Giant came of course after watching the movie The Iron Giant. A very good movie, actually. We built it in … about 2 months. It was a lot of work, and the most time consuming Construx project yet. The AT-AT took longer, but we weren't working on it as constantly as we did the Giant.

Above, John posing with the Giant's top Rev B. Note all the printed pictures of the Giant by his left forearm.

Below: Me and my Giant. *starts humming*

In case you are wondering who took the pictures of John and I and the Giant, that was Russell. If you are wondering why there are no pictures of Russell on any of these pages, then you haven't been looking hard enough.

The Giant's perch in our old garage.

The Giant's new perch in our spare bedroom. See his little AT-ST friend? Orion (the cat) is checking him out. The balloons came from a birthday trick we played on Russell. We filled his room with balloons. For some reason, the balloons didn't deflate months after being filled. So we stuck the remaining (unpopped ones) into the Giant and there they have remained since October of 2001. The picture was taken April 28th of 2002. Most of the balloons are still nice and plump, as you can see.
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