The Transformer

This project was begun with serious doubt as to it's feasibility. We broke a few rules, but we are more than happy with the results. There are a few complaints I have though, but you can only do so much.

This first pic is my favourite. Lots of detail clearly shown. Not sure if I could ever recreate it from the pictures I have here... probably, but it would be difficult, I think. Note the broken Chicago Bulls glass there. Darnit. One of my favourite glasses, too.

The second pair is the front and back pics. The last five are the transformation sequence from Robot to Tank. The Tank form isn't great, but I think it's good for a first try, eh?

The Tank form is based off of the Air Defence Anti-Tank System vehicle developed by the USA and Switzerland developed in the 1980s to be able to engage both ground and air targets.

Neet, eh?