Unknown date (though clearly before ["Paw"] actually visited AkilisHouse)

["Paw"] chuckles, doing a search for [wiki:Pocket_PC PPC], [wiki:MUD Muck] Client, and finds SplitReflection.

["Paw"] purrs, "[http://www.google.com Google] knows us."

["Akili"] recalls that his version of [wiki:Ghost_(software) Ghost] can't handle [wiki:Windows_XP XP] [wiki:Ntfs NTFS] [wiki:Partition_(computing) partition]s.

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "Oh well."

["Akili"] sings o/~ [http://www.google.com Google] he knows me, and he knows I'm right / I've been talking to [http://www.google.com Google], all my life-

["Cal"] grumbles about inconstant standards.

"Unstandard standards?" asks ["Calin"].

["Cal"] finds a bizare ability in [wiki:Lua_programming_language Lua], "you can rename and swap around functions. Not that you usually would want to."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "Consistently nonconstant standards."

Somewhere on the [wiki:MUD Muck], ["Shelly"] has connected.

- Phil Collins peeks from around the frost giant, hefting a crowbar, "I'm watching, ["Akili"]. Always watching."

["Shelly"] has arrived.

["Shelly"] arrived from the outside.

["Cal"] waves.

["Akili"] grins.

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "I don't mind. I have several convenient bodies to serve as shields."

["Shelly"] blinks.

["Cal"] . o O ( crowbar vs. lightsabre )

A still calm silently settles through a frigid snow.

- The Police peek out from behind Phil. "He may be watching you... but every move you make I'll be stalking you.

["Cal"] digs a shield belt from a packet and puts it on.

["Akili"] goes to unjam a printer. With a chisel.

You go Away From Keyboard. (AFK)

["Pearl"] blinks at her typos and thinks she can't type and chew gum at the same time.


["Akili"] thinks about going to his [:AkilisHouse:house], and decides against it on the grounds that it's dark, and that it's dark because it's [:ArizonaRainstorm:raining].

["Paw"] sings o/~ Fighting fire with fire... I am an ordinary guy burning down the house!-

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "You're not allowed to burn down my house."

The light hail falls on the frosty shrubs.

["Paw"] asks, "Says who?"

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "Okay, now you're not even allowed to be within line of sight."

["Paw"] aws.

["Paw"] asks, "Who said I was going to burn down YOUR house?"

["Paw"] purrs, "I mean... I could have been talking about any NUMBER of houses."

["Paw"] purrs, "There are, in fact, quite a large number of houses in the world."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "Which is completely irrelevant to my questions and your responses."

["Paw"] purrs, "Some of which need burning down, I'd expect."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "I said you weren't allowed to burn down my house. You questioned my authority. So now you can't even see it in person."

["Akili"] grins.

["Paw"] purrs, "Aw."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "So, you *were* implying my house."

["Paw"] purrs, "I mean, it's not like I could even burn your house if I wanted to... it's raining."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "You didn't say right now."

["Paw"] purrumbles, "Neither did I say your house. Ha!"

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "I didn't specify the time, either. I just said you weren't permitted to do so."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "You could have clarified the set of permissions I enforced, but instead, you questioned my ability to give those permissions whatsoever."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "Which is when I swung my Authority harder."

["Paw"] asks, "Can I come to your house if I close my eyes?"

["Pearl"] says, "Wow, you're acting like siblings or something!"

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "We *did* share a house."

["Paw"] purrs, "And never once did I burn it down."

["Pearl"] chuckles. "And that makes you siblings, or something."

["Akili"] grins. "I'll side with the something."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "True. ["Calin"] was more likely to damage it, I think."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "Well... I'll think about it."

["Paw"] purrs, "Kay."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "Or I could just... BAN YOU ALL!! MUHAHAHA! ...But I won't."

["Paw"] purrs, "See... if there was a fourth me, he'd totally make a comic out of that conversation."

["Sessa"] is now Active. (ACT)

["Calin"] says, "Hey."

["Paw"] asks, "Where?"

"What adverse effect did I have on that house?" asks ["Calin"].

["Sessa"] returns from the post office successful.

["Akili"] has this image of him talking to ["Paw"], with a mental bubble of ["Akili"] swinging a giant mallet with the word 'Authority' carved on it.

["Paw"] hehs.

["Akili"] grins. "Besides peace and quiet?"

"No no, I mean what DAMAGE did I do?" asks ["Calin"].

["Calin"] says, "Aside, I suppose, from what was necessary to get cables run. As I recall though, ["Akili"] has as much or more to do with that than I."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "Well... excluding *psychological* damage...."

["Calin"] says, "Yeah, I suppose that house is a shell of it's former person."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "I suppose not much, except for the blue watercolor paint that leaked down the wall."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "Which may or may not have been you."

["Calin"] shrugs. "It's watercolor. It washes off. And I ... might have been involved with that."

["Paw"] frowns, looking at the syllabus and comparing it to how far he got in rigging ["Kenlow"].

["Paw"] purrs, "Whoops."

["Pearl"] remembers that but doesn't remember if she was there when it happened.

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "I know you were involved... just that that it might not have been you specifically."

["Akili"] asks, "Who put their knee through the wall at 7th street?"

["Paw"] purrs, "I was wondering why it was taking so long to do my Rigging homework."

["Shelly"] says, "I didn't do it."

["Pearl"] asks, "Do too much, ["Paw"]?"

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "I didn't either."

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "But I saw it."

["Paw"] purrs, "At least I won't have any Rigging homework until like Week Five."

["Shelly"] says, "Actually, ["Calin"], you and I were involved in it."

["Akili"] grins, and remembered that too.

["Pearl"] thought as much.

["Shelly"] says, "We were throwing water at each other and I don't remember who got the painting."

["Calin"] says, "I remember. I was there."

["Akili"] twitches.

["Paw"] purrumbles, "Oh yeah!"

["Akili"] rumbles lightly, "I saw... uh..."

["Akili"] twitches again.

["Pearl"] says, "Wow, ["Paw"]! Good for you!"

["Shelly"] asks, "Saw what, ["Akili"]?"

["Akili"] mumbles, "...what you did."

["Paw"] points at ["Calin"], "YOU'RE the reason I had to spend two hours in Photoshop fixing up my watercolor."

["Akili"] laughs out loud.

["Paw"] grimaces.

["Cal"] has connected.

["Cal"] waves.

DainAltor says, "Hello ["Cal"]."

["Pearl"] knows now why all ["Paw"]'s artwork in under glass now.

- Phil leaps out from behind a trashcan, crowbar swinging!!

["Paw"] eyes the other homework he needs to get done.

["Akili"] exclaims, "Which is hardly necessar---Whoa!"

["Paw"] acks!

["Paw"] hides behind a boulder.

["Cal"] activates his shieldbelt and lights his lightsabre.

A quiet calm settles silently over the frigid bushes.

["Akili"] dodges, and runs away home.

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