September 3rd, 2021, Posted by Calin

I just happened to glance at the main page, and noticed how long it's been since anything new was posted.

In 2021 Akili, Tamra and I are still regulars on the site. Kenlow and some of the others still show up too, at varying intervals.

The largest difference between now and the aughts, really, is families and careers and life and all. It generally means less time available for random personal projects.

That said, we are still always working on something. At some point we just stopped posting about them on the public portion of the site!

I'm probably posting this because I've sworn off social media for a while, and have a day off from work :)

1-22-2013, Posted by Akili

Due to WebMUCK improvements, guests and visitors can easily connect to RussellMUCK by pointing their browsers to See you there!

8-24-2010, Posted by Akili

*sigh* Epic UPS wasn't quite Epic enough. Thanks to an extended power outage of an unknown duration, all of SR temporarily went down this afternoon when the battery backup finally failed. Akili plans to see if he can add extra battery capacity without spending unreasonable amounts of money.

5-17-2010, Posted by Akili

As it has been so long since any updates have been posted here, I thought I would share that Codex has now been up and running nonstop for 358 days!

5-23-2009, Posted by Akili

Due to finding an outstanding bargain, and the creation of a custom adapter, Codex is now running on an epic-level uninterruptable power supply, which should provide gratuitous amounts of uptime in the event of a power failure.

1-25-2009, Posted by Akili

The server has received its memory upgrade, and is now running at a full 5GB of RAM (and currently using a minuscule fraction of that). But it was cheap, and we should be covered for a long time to come.

It has also been relocated to receive better cooling, and is now equipped with its own dedicated UPS, although eventually the cheap Tripplite it is using will be replaced with something more hardy.

1-15-2009, Posted by Calin

Welcome to Codex!

Splitreflection, all and sundry, now lives on a brand new server in Arizona, under the care of Akili the Lion. That means more bandwidth (something like an order of magnitude) as well as more CPU and more RAM (the ram is actually on order - should arrive shortly). And yes, the new server is named Codex.

Keep an eye out for bugs, I'd be rather amazed if we didn't have at least one or two.

6-24-2008, Posted by Calin

Well. That sucked ridiculously. As you may know, I spent last week on vacation in Hawaii. And two days into it, my DSL router... well, it just FORGOT how to connect to the internet. So SplitReflection was down for the duration. It's back up now... but I'm pretty unhappy with the whole affair. Expect some progress on the DistributedServer project in the coming weeks (and maybe a new DSL router as well).

6-7-2008, Posted by Calin

I updated the site today, with some much-needed attention.
Got rid of the blue background from old pages, as well as reorganized the Projects and Games pages.

6-15-2007, Posted by Tamra

Some very belated Boffer Pics. Pictures from both the adventure to kill the dragon that Pearl put together, but also the last event Akili made it to in San Ramon.

4-19-2007, Posted by Akili

RussellMUCK users may be startled by a new login screen.
Russell was feeling creative. If you can find him, blame him.
If you like it, Akili will be more than happy to take the credit.

4-18-2007, Posted by Sessa

Regarding this year's Costume Party. Okay the Theme is official, and it is April, so no excuses about not having enough time to think of a costume this year :p (October 27). And the theme is:

Myths Legends and Folklore

Here are some ideas for you to further prevent last minute costumes:

Sleepy Hollow, Robin Hood, The Odyssey, Atlantis, Fairies, Selkies, Jenny Green Teeth, Dryad, Harpies, Hydra, Cerberus, Centaur, Chimera, Medusa, Nymph, King Arthur, Cyrano de Bergerac, Scarlet Pimpernel, Beowulf/Grendel, Paladin/ Princess, Peter Pan, Treasure Island, Blackbeard, Vampires, Werewolves, Jack and the Bean stock, Tom Thumb, Thumblina, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Viking, Pirate, Zombie, Ghoul, Lich, Mummy, Wraith, Grim Reaper, satyr, unicorn, Pegasus...

You get the idea. Email me if you think of something you really like and don't want someone else to show up as that.

4-13-2007, Posted by Calin

WebMuck users may notice a nice improvement in responsiveness. Here's a simple change log:

Server component


4-5-2007, Posted by Tamra

4-8-2007, Updated by Calin

Acceptable Losses in a web-playable format. Not compatible with Microsoft browsers, and not final, but very playable.

3-16-2007, Posted by Calin

It is now possible once again to add entries to the WhatsNew page. It's (perhaps obviously) been recreated as a wiki page, so anyone with wiki edit access may add entries. Please try to stick to the existing format.

12-10-2005, Posted by Calin

Not really new, but here's the images from our Hallowe'en party 2005

10-6-2005, Posted by Calin

Calin has written a new muck client, in pure javascript. Users with proxy access will notice the RussellMuck link has been replaced with WebMuck!

8-2-2005, Posted by Akili

Akili finally completes the photo gallery of his home construction, with commentary, here.

5-1-2005, Posted by Sessa

The WhoAreWe page now has PICTURES. Oooh, Aaaah.

3-3-2005, Posted by Sessa

Check out the updated projects page, it has fun pictures from the latest costume party. Check out the costumes.

11-7-2004, Posted by Sessa

Aside from learning a bit of Html, I updated the projects page. Check it out! There is an easy way to look at last years Swami cards, a look at Calin and Sessa's hard work over the summer and some details on the halloween party.

11-3-2004, Posted by Sessa

Look at the pictures from the BEST Halloween party ever!

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