Author: ["Calin"]

Language: [ Perl]

Platform: Linux

attachment:driveplugger.png DrivePlugger is a tray icon with menus for managing removable media. I have always been unhappy with how cumbersome removable media can be on linux. Even modern distros with [ hal] support don't seem to have the simple and intuitive features I'd like. So, as often happens with people like me, I wrote my own.

Now I can plug in a thumb drive or memory stick, insert a CD or PCMCIA card, and use it without complication. Users can name their devices as they like, and browse or safely eject with a few clicks.

Another nice feature is that any locking processes are listed, with the option to kill them (provided the user has the necessary permissions, of course).

For CD/DVD support, you must run the included cdpolld polling daemon.

Floppy disks are not currently supported. If anyone knows how to poll for floppy disk change events without constantly running the drive, let me know. If you really need floppy support and don't mind the drive constantly running... well let me know that too and I'll add it in as an option. I'm inclined to say that for floppies, something like [ submount] is more appropriate.



I just recently posted on [ Sourceforge] and [ Freshmeat], and as of right now I've had 34 downloads. I'm totally excited, as this is my first project I've listed publicly. I'm very interested in feedback, so don't be shy! calin at splitreflection dot com.




[ driveplugger-12-06-2006.tar.gz]


[ driveplugger-11-17-2006.tar.gz]

[ driveplugger-10-19-2006.tar.gz]

[ driveplugger-10-08-2006.tar.gz]

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