Author: ["Calin"]

Language: [wiki:WikiPedia/MUF_%28programming_language%29 MUF]

Platform: [ ProtoMUCK]


Roll [options] [dice spec] ...


    #hide  Do not show results to the entire room

    #list[:{macro}]  Show the specified macro, or show all macros

    #user:{name}  Use the specified user's macros instead of your own

    #spec  Show a full description of the dice spec

    #define:{macro}={spec}  Create a new personal macro

    #delete:{macro}  Delete the specified personal macro dice spec examples

    3d6  Roll 3 6-sided dice

    1f20+12  Roll 1 20-sided die with houserules -10/+10, and add 12

The dice spec cannot have spaces in it. You can roll multiple specs at once by separating them with spaces.


The spec consists of the following tokens:

   {number}  A literal number

   {alpha}  A word containing only letters is a macro, which can be a full or partial dice spec. Use  #define  to create macros.

   (spec)  A spec inside parenthesis will be evaluated to a single number before other tokens are evaluated.

   _  This will evaluate to a list of numbers, from the preceding to the following, inclusive.

   [spec]  A token will be chosen at random from within this spec.

   @  Repeats the following token a number of times equal to the previous token.

   + -  These only effect the sign of the following number.

   * /  These perform multiplication and division.

   >  This may only be used in macros, and lets the macro pull in the following token.

so  3d8  resolves to  3@[1_8] , which resolves to  [1_8][1_8][1_8]  which might resolve to  3,7,4 .

   Other  Any other symbol is discarded, but serves to separate tokens

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