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Acantha (a somewhat thornier reflection of Julia) is the local gray and silver fox. Between classes, she can usually be found tucked neatly into a laboratory plotting to take over the world with her amplified Myconoids… erm… researching better uses for fungi.



Akili (Russell the Reticent [or Responsible] to many of his friends) is the grand high tech-lion. As he is not the only lion here, this takes a bit of doing. Akili is responsible for starting RussellMUCK (originally called Akili's Muck, but we all liked the sound of RussellMUCK so much better... and he fell to peer pressure). Akili is an online Role Player, likes to hike and explore, and is quite the interesting conversationalist. He's since opened a computer repair shop in the desert, because what else is worth doing in the desert?



Azizi (known to some as A.J.) is one of the resident lionesses who seems to be regularly afflicted with horrible computer luck, despite being tech-savvy and a computer parts price guru. Although in another world she is Akili's daughter, the similarity of her name to his is unintentional. We think.



Cal the hobbit (Peter by day) is the master coder; Web programmer by day, Jedi hacker by night. His spare time is spent locked away is his dark tower, surrounded by spaghetti strings of perls, and the strong aura of the Open Force movement.



Calin (John to the uninformed) is the grand high tech-elf. Which is an easy rank to attain when you're the only elf here. He's in charge of keeping the server (which now lives at Akili's house) up and running. His hobbies include being deliberately obtuse, reading obscenely long fantasy series and playing black-box/white-letters.



Eric (otherwise known as Eric) is a competitive gamer, who when not trying to figure out the best way to kick people's ass in every game ever created, is a musician and a performer currently playing in the band "7th Chamber". He plays the guitar, as you can see, and sings. You might even find him in a good old fashion sword fight every now and then.



Kenlow (or Narniqaan, or Stack, or maybe even John), is our resident wolf tiger dragon bat(?)... thing. Everyone has one, and he's ours. He may seem large, but in real life he's actual size. Often found gaming or hatching unlikely schemes, he's invaluable when a project calls for interesting voices or an off-the-wall personality.



Tamra (AKA Heather) is the tigress in the video game industry. She keeps us up to date on what's new and nifty. She has completed her Megalomaniac... err... Game Art and Design degree to go with her several published videogames and tabletop games. Often the initiator of our group projects, and frequently the GM. She's also the founder and owner of Stone Tablet Games! You should Google it. We'll wait.

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