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Who is Akili?

The character of Akili encompasses two incarnations - his inception and life in the PrideLands, and the form he took on the world of Annor and still uses on RussellMUCK.  This latter form is occasionally specifically referenced by the title "Chaos Akili" when the distinction is necessary.


Akili was created on November 25th, 1996, on TLKMuck, although his actual birthdate is no more than three months prior to that date.  Born to Matuko and Saranya, he was soon adopted into Gesten's growing family.

To find out more about his background, history, and other characters that he interacted with, you can find them under AkiliHistory.

Other related information can be found on his personal website, located here:


Akili's time in Annor as a ChaosMage, involved in both CrystalQuest and CrystalQuestAftermath may eventually be fully documented on his personal web site, located here:

This form doubles as his personal avatar, referred to by his full name Akili Kota when the distinction is necessary.

Usually the more cautious one of the group; he has learned enough about his powers to be wary of them, which often carries over into other decisions. However, when it comes to decisive, outright destruction (or a close approximation thereof), he's the one you want. He has also recently become a cleric of Eldar.

Along with Calin and Russell, Akili is the grand high tech-lion responsible for starting and maintaining the maddness known as SplitReflection, and is the initial implementor of RussellMUCK.

In the unimaginatively-named Real World, Akili loves to hike and explore, is inquisitive about the world at large, and is quite the interesting conversationalist.

Notable Quotes

I have no shame in saying there are things that fear me.

I hate the stupid pitches!

I didn't do it!

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