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Real-Life Background

["Akili"] was incepted on [http://www.tlkmuck.org TLKMuck] on November 25th, 1996, after a small number of guest visits to the service. On his last visit, he encountered Gesten, who was to become Akili's adoptive father.  A quick backstory was written, describing his arrival to where Gesten was, which was played out once his account was created. His other option was to wait until Gesten was in a point in his roleplay when he could be Akili's literal father, but it was uncertain how far in the future that was, and Akili didn't want to spend the time to seek someone else out - additionally, he was new to online roleplaying, and Gesten was willing to help him learn.

Early roleplaying sessions were not logged, as Akili didn't fully understand what he had undertaken, and thus those details are lost to history. While he did obtain a copy of his first roleplaying session with Gesten, he's undecided about sharing it yet, except solely as an example of how much skill he's gained between then and now.

A few other notes: as there is no fixed system of aging, Akili and other characters around him generally agreed on a 1:3 ratio, meaning that for every real day, three days of time would pass for the characters, overall - it was accepted that while many sessions went back-to-back without a pause, that extra time would be inserted when the characters were tending to Real Life matters.

Also, Akili moved to a different server, [http://www.flipsidemuck.org FlipSide], before his story in the Pridelands ended.  The details behind that may be revealed at a later time.



Needs Cleaning Up / Updating / Outright Rewriting

This particular lion was adopted as a cub by Gesten and Jiona.  His mother died bringing him to his new father's presence, and where he came from - or whom his real father was - remained shrouded in mystery.

He spent most of his cubhood learning of the world around him - every leaf, tree, and steep cliff overhang had to be investigated and explored.  Despite being a fairly obedient son, he discovered that his intense curiosity got both himself and others into sticky situations rather frequently.

His relationship was abruptly shaken when memories of his cubhood before his adoption by Gesten began to reveal themselves.  This caused his foster father much grief, as Gesten treated Akili as his son, and his son only.

Time passed, and Gesten and Jiona expanded his family by a brother and two sisters - however, one of them died before he really got a chance to know her, and the other lost her life being foolhardy in a powerful rainstorm.  Still fairly young, Akili learned firsthand of loss - although as a result, he spent a lot of his time with his younger brother.

An adolescent at last, Akili was drawn into every problem arising with his family. On top of that, he often got into his own troubles.  His teenage years were rather turbulent; beeing a teen allowed him to adapt to the drastic changes in his life.  While his memories of those times have their share of good moments, some certain events touched him deeply, leaving him scarred to the point that he will rarely, if ever, speak of them.

He made many friends: some of which he has kept to this day, some of which he lost to death, and others with whom the friendship was sundered due to his own mistakes, which he bitterly regrets.

Upon becoming an adult, Akili had finally been able to sort out his past, most of his present, and some of his future - which largely involved Siara, the light of his life.  The idea of a family foremost in his mind, Siara and Akili went out to start their own pride.

However, all too soon he lost her and their unborn cubs due to illness, an event that emotionally shattered him. Due to an experience which he still will not talk about, he learned to recover from his losses of his mate and cubs, returning home to be raised King of Life Valley, a promotion Gesten had decided upon during his son's absence.

At long last, he has met Nafse, his soul mate, and won her into his life and his side, where they - after many trials - managed to raise a family of their own.

The two surviving cubs of that family, Azizi and Kituko, are just now entering their adulthood, and Akili is preparing to hand the burden of being King to his son, seeing the end of his long life now on the horizon.

It's Incomplete, Too


Key Family Members (In Alphabetical Order)

(Particularly detailed profiles will be starred)

["Ayari"], Brother

["Azizi"], Daughter *

["Dafina"], Sister

["Dukat"], Uncle

["Gaidi"], Son

["Gesten"], Father *

["Gwethi"], Sister *

["Iggan"], Brother (kind of) *

["Jakobi"], Brother

["Jiona"], Mother *

["Kassi"], Daughter

["Kilimala"], Pride Member

["Kituko"], Son *

["Kimia"], Granddaughter *

["Matuko"], Father (by blood) *

["Mikini"], Sister *

["Mohatu"], Uncle

["Mtesa"], Brother

["Mvunja"], Sister

["Nafse"], Akili's Queen *

["Nakani"], Daughter

["Saranya"], Mother (by blood) *

["Topanga"], Mother Figure

["Tufani"], Cousin


Important Friends (In Alphabetical Order)

["Shiido"] *

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