This project was long in the building. The original version of the legs were much thinner and the hinges weren't quite right. A pair of the second revision of the legs and the head sat upon the bookcase for a long time while waiting for more duplicates to be made and a body to attach them to. Eventually, over the course of a few weekends, Calin designed a new kind of hinge, based off of the shoulder joints in the Russell Armor, and we built the rest of the body and legs. The first version of the body wasn't quite right, but I think the final product is very nice. His legs are totally posable, and he can support himself easily and balance. Who said that the AT-ATs were badly designed? His toes articulate, he has ankle joints, knee joints and hip joints. Each knee uses two large green swivels (I wish I had more of those... I only have one left...) his ankles use a bunch of black hinges, and the hips use the special joint that Calin built. No, his neck does not move.

Sadly, the Russell Armor, parts of the AT-ST and 95 percent of the Roller Coaster were all sacrificed to the AT-AT.

After creating the AT-AT, there were a few pieces left over, and my Rachel and I decided to do something with them. Within a few hours, our AT-AT had a little friend.

These are the preview pictures we put up of him earlier, showing the evolution of the legs:

Here's a teaser 2 on one of our newest projects. Can you tell what it is going to be?

The smaller AT-AT's legs were duplicated with the assistance of my lovely girlfriend.
He has a hinge at each knee and ankle, and a small orange swivel at each hip.
He balances very well, and was built to 1/4 scale of the original AT-AT.

How many pictures of the Lil' AT-AT can you find on this page?