Construx Creations.

  John's Spectacles

 The Iron Giant

 Mr. Man

 The Delorean

 The Knight

 The Transformer

 The AT-ST

 The AT-AT

The Table

 The Joust Birds

 The Roller Coaster

 The Russell Armor

Well, there are more projects to put up here, but we haven't taken pics yet. Here's a teaser on one of our newest projects. Can you tell what it is going to be?

Why Construx?

Because they build so BIG! The stuff for the AT-ST only cost me about 30$ on Ebay. With Legos, the AT-ST would have taken MUCH longer, cost ALOT more and would have required glue. Look at the Giant! None of our projects use glue. That way we can take em apart and put together something else. The DeLorean and the Tank both got sacrificed to start work on the new (super secret) project...

Where can I get some Construx?

Hm. Unfortunately, Fisher Price (and then Mattel) no longer makes Construx (they stopped in 1997, I think) so the best places to get more would be via garage sales, or via Ebay. Rarely, I have found hidden batches of Construx at Toys'R'Us... The only reliable place I can find Construx is on Ebay. Click HERE to begin your search.

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